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We know that how you manage your assets shouldn’t be isolated from how you manage your life. The ideals you value, the dreams you pursue, the lessons you hope to pass on to your kids are all as important to a successful investment program as any spreadsheet, any chart, any data.

an inclusive process

Diving In

If we’re going to do the best possible job for you, we need to learn who you are. What excites and motivates you? What are your fears? Where do you want to go and who is on this journey with you? This deep discovery will allow us to focus our efforts on what is meaningful to you.

Striking a Balance

Almost all of our everyday activities involve striking a balance. Balancing flavor with calories, horsepower with mileage, career with family life. Everything, it seems, comes down to tempering one impulse with another. And wealth management is certainly no exception. Where is your own comfort point between return and risk?

Intimacy and Influence

We take a lot of care to make sure our clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Our office is homey, and our interactions conversational and jargon-free. But behind the quiet kitchen-table familiarity is the power of our access to Raymond James. From our tidy bungalow on Merrimon Avenue, you’ll be plugged into the resources and insights of a global leader.

“To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights or inside information. What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework.”

– Warren Buffet

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Asheville Citizens-Times — August 20, 2017

Socially responsible investing: Can it work in Asheville?

Bray Creech, MBA, CPA

It’s fun to read some of the bumper stickers here in Asheville: “Clean and Green.” “Save the Earth, There’s no Planet B.” One of my personal favorites: “May the FOREST be with you.”

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Asheville Citizen-Times — July 9, 2017

Investment advice: ‘Emotional cycle’ will cost you money

Bray Creech, MBA, CPA

There’s an adage that your investments are like bars of soap: The more you handle them, the smaller they get.

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