Joel Adams and Associates, Inc. launches its own SEC-registered RIA

May 2, 2022
Joel Adams and Bray Creech

We have some exciting news to share: On July 1, we’re making a transition from the independent contractor division of Raymond James to the registered investment adviser (RIA) and custody services division of Raymond James. Essentially, we’ve created our own fully independent, SEC-registered RIA firm, allowing us to concentrate on our fiduciary role in our relationship with our clients. With this change, we are positioned to better serve our clients for the many years ahead.

Forming an independent RIA firm not only enhances our ability to provide our clients with the most comprehensive wealth management solutions available, but it also allows us more freedom in the way we communicate with and tailor services to them on an individual level.

While being an independent RIA means we will no longer be contractors of Raymond James, they will continue as custodian of our clients’ accounts, as the company continues to share our values and our commitment to client-first service. Clients will continue to have online access and receive statements from Raymond James, just as they do now. There will be no change to our SIPC coverage. We will maintain full access to Raymond James’ array of resources, products and services — along with the freedom to engage the broader company at any level for clients’ benefit.

This transition is a milestone in our company’s history — a step that promises us more independence going forward — and it exemplifies our commitment to working solely in our clients’ best interests as fee-only fiduciaries.